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  • Dear Long Hill Township Committee and Planning Board,

    As a supporter of smart growth development, I respectfully urge your support for the Millington Village proposal for redevelopment of the TIFA property at 50 Division Avenue. The old industrial buildings that exist on the site are no longer appropriate or desirable in the core of Millington as may have been the case previously, in a bygone time. I believe the community will benefit extensively from this proposal to replace old, obsolete industrial buildings with a vibrant, transit oriented mixed-use community that complements and strengthens the goals of the Township’s Millington Development Plan.

    I support Millington Village for many reasons, not the least of which is the enhancement of the visual environment and sense of place. Aesthetically, quality architectural design will allow for improved light, air and visibility through the site. The aesthetics of sidewalk streetscapes will also be enhanced to encourage pedestrianism. Further, the careful arrangement of commercial space will create a public plaza feature that will become a wonderful asset to the community for uses such as outdoor dining, public gatherings, art exhibits antique shows, or small music events.

    It is also important to consider the significant economic benefits for the Township that this proposal will generate. The residential community and commercial space combined is expected to create over 300 construction jobs, in addition to over 100 permanent employment opportunities created once Millington Village is complete. Millington Village will also generate a significant increase in tax revenue, over and above the current tax receipts received on the property without increasing municipal services such as trash removal and snow clearing, which will be privately maintained. This revenue increase will also more than compensate for the impact on schools, with a maximum of 20-24 school age children anticipated to reside in this community.

    Finally, the Township’s Millington Development Plan highlights the need to provide for a variety of housing types, specifically multifamily residential, in the community. This project affirmatively addresses this goal by introducing new transit oriented rental housing to address the needs of young professionals, empty nesters and seniors who wish to remain in the community. Interconnectedness with public transit will be an amenity in high demand for both future residents and visitors, and it will encourage pedestrianism for everyday needs and commuting, further reducing the need for a car to reduce both traffic and environmental impacts.

    Overall, I firmly believe Millington Village will enhance the character of the community while providing significant economic benefits, and for the aforementioned reasons, I urge your support for this proposal.